This is a SWEET custom Honda Shadow.  Everything on this bike has been done correctly.  The engine has been kept basically stock, but it’s been upgraded cosmetically to look like a Harley Ground Pounder. 

Only 16,047 miles.  That’s about 2000 miles a year, so it’s a low mile bike with no problems.  

Just a few of the modifications:

La Pera Custom color matched lowered seat.  $495

Custom Red and Black Flame, PROFESSIONAL paint job (zero flaws, looks amazing).  $750

Cobra Chrome Straight Pipes.- $650

Custom LED rear turn signals- $150

Rigid Struts- $250

Diamond Kuryakn Grips- $195

Kuryakn Chrome mirrors, billet aluminum $149

TONS of extra chrome (battery cover, air intake filter, side covers, etc) $$$

Straight Drag Bars with custom made lines $275

Kuryakn front brake lever and clutch lever $175

Just the extras and custom work is over $2000.  The bike has a great presence about it, just a fun low-riding bike.  

You won’t find a nicer bike for the money I can tell you that much!


Lots of other stuff, that’s all I can remember.

Recent service, bike runs PERFECT and looks AWESOME.  

If you’re looking for a custom for half the price and more reliable- this is your bike.  It’s just a very nice machine for the right price.  Image



2004 Suzuki SV1000

17,300 miles

Brand new chain, sprockets and tires.  

Very nice bike needs nothing.  Rides GreattImageat.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Clean Texas title. 


If you’re looking for a highway capable scooter that is SUPER clean then you don’t need to look any further.

This one has only 8870 miles on it. We just put in a brand new Sealed AGM battery and put it through an entire factory Suzuki service. ALL of the maintenance is up to date on it. 

It needs absolutely nothing. It starts immediately and runs so smooth.  

There are no tears in the seat, and the bodywork is beautiful. No cracks in the plastic. No stories here, this is just a very clean Burgie. 

And it is FAST. Absolutely capable of 100 MPH on the highway. Easily keep up with the 650 Silverwings and the Big Brother Burgies. 

Not missing any plastic pieces. Everything works just as it should. Tires are in excellent condition. No wear and tear.  The plastic and seat- everything looks brand new.  

There are some VERY minor scratches on the lower cowlings- not even through the paint in most cases.  See pictures below for close ups.  No wrecks.  Clean and Clear title is in hand.

Take a look at the pictures, and any questions just give me a call.



In one picture you’ll see a white line in the plastic, that is a reflection and not a crack. 

If you’re looking for a highway capable scooter that is SUPER clean then you don’t need to look any further.

This one has only 8870 miles on it.  We just put in a brand new Sealed AGM battery and put it through an entire factory Suzuki service.  ALL of the maintenance is up to date on it.  

It needs absolutely nothing. 

There are no tears in the seat, and the bodywork is beautiful.  No cracks in the plastic.  No stories here, this is just a very clean Burgie.  

And it is FAST.  Absolutely capable of 100 MPH on the highway.  Easily keep up with the 650 Silverwings and the Big Brother Burgies.  

Not missing any plastic pieces.  Everything works just as it should.  Tires are in excellent condition.  No wear and tear. 

There are some VERY minor scratches on the lower cowlings- not even through the paint in most cases.  

Take a look at the pictures, and any questions just give me a call.

In one picture you’ll see a white line in the plastic, that is a reflection and not a crack.  


  • 2002 Honda Civic LX
  • 197,000  miles
  • 5 speed
  • 40 MPG
  • Power Everything
  • Cold A/C
  • Drives like a new car!

This is a great condition 2002 Honda Civic.  It needs nothing.  No accident history.  1 owner since new, all maintenance done.



This is a really nice 1998 Virago 250.  If you’ve been looking for a rebel 250, stop!  This is a much smoother and more reliable bike.  With the real V-twin motor it’s also smoother and easier to maintain.  

Clean and serviced, ready to run! 

Jump on and go.  Battery is brand new, just replaced today.  

For the money, this is the best deal going on a starter bike.  $1500 is extremely cheap and its’ about $1000 less than most of the others for sale.  Take a look at the other offerings and come pick this one up.  You won’t be disappointed.

I have the title and it’s in hand.  We can transfer it to you or I can meet you at the title office and you can pay to transfer it.


Bike runs perfectly, you will not be disappointed.  




Hey guys and gals, I have a very cool little Spree 50 for sale.  Perfect for just running errands around downtown.  Great little surface level street commuter, too.  

Miles are correct!  This one only has about 1000 miles on it.  Was towed behind an RV.  I bought the bike thinking that I could use it safely, but I’m 200# and honestly it just doesn’t have enough motor for me.  

The only thing it needs is the grocery basket- it’s pretty ugly and needs to be repainted or replaced.  That’s about it.  Tires are good.  I also need to adjust the clutch.

It has never had a front brake cable but the rear seems to be fine.  I found one for $10 here locally so if you want to replace it, you can go pick it up and I’ll install it for you at no charge.  I just haven’t ever needed the front brake so I just let it slide. 

All the lights, horns, starter- everything works.  Brand new battery.  

Starts right up in the morning.  Just a great, fun little scooter.

I have the title in hand, and we can meet up at the tax office to transfer and get plates immediately for it.  Street legal, needs nothing at all just a new rider (maybe someone not 200 pounds!)  🙂  


This is a 1996 GMC Yukon.  4X4 and everything works just as it should.  There’s nothing wrong with this truck.  It’s a get-in-and-start car and has a very solid ride.  

Needs nothing!

Everything works, all the interior switches.  The alarm remote access.  Windows.  Locks.  AC blows ice cubes.  

Good rubber.  Excellent Brakes.  Only 2 owners in 17 years.  At 139,000 miles this truck is barely broken in.  

There is some paint fade on the roof and the driver seat has a small tear in the leather.  

Other than that she’s great truck.  


Image ImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage

Great vehicle for the money.  


1999 Mercedes Benz ML430

Very nice interior

Car runs and drives as is

172K miles

Has two broken transmission cooler lines, which cause it to jump out of gear in 5th only.  Every other gear works fine.  Repair is $675 and I don’t feel like screwing with it.


The car will be picked up tomorrow at 5PM by the Salvage Yard.  They have already committed to $2000 for it, so if you beat them here with a cash offer you can have it, instead.  

Title is in hand, in my name.  

Car is located at 1601 E. Cesar Chavez 78702.

512-560-0015 is my number call me if you want it. 

It’s a very nice car.  No stupid games.  Just cash and carry.  Yes, it runs and drives as-is.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Take a look at this bike!  

This is a professionally finished 1996 Honda Shadow 1100 Trike. 

With all of the upgrades for the highway.  Take a look, because for the money you won’t see a deal this good for a long time.  This was built for a handicap woman who was no longer able to ride.  It was installed properly and everything on the bike works great.

Title is in hand, ready to ride.  Don’t miss out!  This is a gem! 



All of the right equipment including

1) Large Highway Windscreen

2) LeatherLyke Locking saddlebags

3) Upgraded custom leather seat

4) Driver and Passenger rear back rests

5) Upgraded Floorboards

6) Tons of chrome all the way around.

7) Highway Light bar w/ oversized lights

8) Rear Luggage Rack








Beautiful bike!  2001 Suzuki Bandit 600

Has only 7051 miles on it!  Practically new.  

Never wrecked.  Bike runs perfectly.  Clean title is in hand and ready to go.

All stock, no mods.  Runs and rides great.  

Price is $2000 to move it quickly, there is NOTHING wrong with it.  Move quick, this one won’t sit long.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

This bike ROCKS!  

This is a 2001 Yamaha R1, owned previously by a soldier.  He did this thing *right*.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

It has army olive drab paint on all of the fairings and desert tan on the wheels.  Together, it makes for a KILLER color combination.  Overall, this bike looks incredible.  I’ve really enjoyed riding around on it.  Just a fun machine, very well done and looks that could kill.  This bike looks, runs and rides BADASS.  

It has 32K well maintained miles.  Owned by a motorcycle mechanic.  Clear title, no salvage history.  It has some minor upgrades but it’s basically just stock. Not wrecked or anything weird.  Clean history report.  Everything works.  Only thing missing are the little small fairings behind the headlights, but honestly they can be replaced for $20.  

Starts immediately has a brand new battery in it.  No problems to speak of whatsoever.  No issues.  Tires are fresh.  No leaky seals.  No transmission or clutch problems.  Just jump on and ride!

It has a minor tear in the driver seat which I can fix for you if you’d like.  It’s nothing to worry about honestly.  

But really, the OD Green and Tan just look KILLER.  You put some Army decals on this thing and it would be insane.  Just a great freaking bike.  

Just had oil changed at 31K miles.  Chain and sprocket look excellent.  Needs a new home, and that’s it.  

Priced to move at $3500.  Can deliver as far as Killeen and San Antonio at No charge.  





2004 Honda CRF250R.  This bike runs perfectly.  It starts 1st or second kick, every time.

Recent rebuild on the entire motor w/ receipts of over $900.  Needs NOTHING.  No bad bearings.  No squeaks.  No issues whatsoever, just come pick it up and ride it today.

Great compression, just a nice bike for the money.  I need to sell it quickly, I’m open to offers that makes sense.  



ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageHere are common words people search when looking for CRF250 I only put these in here because “CRF250R” is the actual name of the bike but people call it CRF 250R CR-F250R and all of the other variations.  


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The price is not a typo.  Price is not a typo.  I keep getting asked “what’s wrong with it, why is it so cheap?”  If you want to pay more for it, go ahead.  I have it priced out where I want to sell it and sell it fast.  So no tire kickers.  If you’ve got cash in hand this is the best deal on a Suburban, anywhere.  Period.  It’s $3500 less than everything else out there.

It’s a 2005 base model suburban.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING works on it. An absolutely beautiful truck that you and your family can be very proud of!

It’s due for a tune up, spark plugs and O2 sensor.  I can reset the light for you and show you the code.  It’s a $50 part and an hour worth of work at Autozone.  If you want to give me $50 more for the car I’ll fix it myself.

It’s a two-owner car.  The previous owner was a realtor in DALLAS and drove back and forth almost daily.  The miles are purely highway between Austin and Dallas.  People, get online and do some research.  These motors can go a million miles without a rebuild.  225K is barely broken in.

Drives like a brand new car.  No creaks.  No loose suspension.  SMOOTH as silk driving down the highway.  New tires.  Brakes are probably on the downhill slope.  But no vibration or anything.

Air conditioner is ICE COLD both front and rear.  Trans shifts easy and crisp. Drives amazing, for the money you’re going to be hard up to find a better deal.

NO PAYMENT PLANS.  Only thing I will consider is a trade for a late model sedan or a smaller SUV.  Title must be transferred either online through the release form or at the tax office.

I took closeups of the flaws on the car, and there are some good shots of it below.

NO TIRE KICKERS.  No flippers.  No advertisers.  I have it priced this way so I don’t have to screw with any nonsense.  Bring cash, and bring it today because I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time to try and get $9000 for it.  That’s really what the car is worth, in all honesty.  But I value my time.


NO WEAR AND TEAR on the interior.  Very small person, no smoking.

If you’re looking for the deal of the century on a vehicle that can move 7+ people with no drama this is the one.

Call 512-560-0015 or email me.  It will not be here long at all.


This is a 2000 Year model Lexus RX300.  If you’re looking for a great deal on a reliable car you just found it.  I have it priced out $2900.00 under the KBB price just to move it quickly.  I’m a serious seller and I want to move it quickly.  

Absolutely nothing wrong with the car.  Runs great, and has no check engine or other kind of lights on.  No accident history. No salvage.  Clean and clear title is in my hand, and ready to transfer into your name. 

No cracks in the glass.  Check out the pictures, and see below for all of the “flaws.” 

There is also a 3″ cut in the leather on the driver side seat.  I would also budget for replacing the tires pretty soon- they are around 10K miles left, max.  Starting to get a little shaggy. 

But other than that, she’s a beautiful car and I have it priced way below all of the other garbage and wrecked cars.  So, if you’re serious about getting a deal call me and scoop it up.  You won’t be disappointed and for less than the price of ANY of the Toyota Highlanders on Craigslist you can get a genuine Luxury car.  

Any questions give me a ring.  No tire kickers, I’m an executive at a busy firm in Austin and I don’t have time to spend running the car all over the place.  Get a mechanic out here, or take it to your favorite independent dealer.  They’ll tell you the same thing I am- that this car is rock solid and ready and a helluva good deal too.  

I have a standing offer from a local car dealership in writing.  Any offer above that amount gets the car.  


512-560-0015 call or text either is fine.  Text will get immediate response.

Here are the pictures.


What an extremely rare gem!  This is a 1999 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor.  

252,000 original miles.  Never has had a single accident.  Not even a bumper!  You will never see a 99 this clean ever again, I promise you that.  Move quick it won’t be here very long.  

Owner bought it new in 1999 and has never changed hands before today!  

This car is in astonishing condition. Where will you find a clean mercedes for less than $3000?  Nowhere.  Drive it home, tonight.  You will be shocked at how well this car runs!  

Air conditioner blower motor ($68) needs to be replaced.  

Headliner needs to be replaced.  

Motor runs strong.  This is a VERY NICE car.

Take a look for yourself.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Amazing Condition.  Please note, that I am not selling this bike.  I want it back in the spring or summer of next year.  But I don’t have time to ride between now and then.  So I could setup a rental agreement with you, either by the month or for the whole time.

But I want this bike back in the spring.  Maybe by then I’ll change my mind, but right now I just don’t want it collecting dust.  


The only thing it needs right now is just a detailing.  The battery is getting a little weak, but it hasn’t failed on me yet.  I know that these 2003 Sporties are selling fast right now.


A VERY good value here.  If you’re looking for a Sub $3000 sportbike that you can ride every day – but you still want it to be fun on the weekends, look no further!

This is a 2000 year model Ducati 750SS.  With Ducati’s amazing 750cc V-twin, this bike is just as capable on a track day, back-country road or in rush hour traffic. 

Great machine, lightweight and ultra-reliable.  

All recent services are complete. 

Ready to throw a leg over and ride it home today.

Take a look and call if you have any questions.  joe






This is a 1997 Yamaha Virago 1100. Its in fair condition, needs some cosmetic work but runs good  30973 miles.

Has a nice pin striped tank. Small tear in passenger back rest.

Saddle bags are in poor condition and left tail light is broken. 

needs new battery, but I’ll take care of that.









Great for riding or just a collectible.

No rust in gas tank. Small tear in seat.

The bike is 100% original.

$1000 OBO



This is a 1998 Yamaha Virago 250.  17,550 miles. One of the best bikes to learn on, and easy to sell when you’re done with it!

small paint chips on rear fender, crack in plastic front fender, but still nice for a 98.

runs great, needs nothing but a new rider.


This is a very nice 1999 Yamaha R1.  IT’s in overall good health.  Needs nothing except a new rider.  

The bike has been painted, however they did an excellent job with no overspray or bad masking.  The bike has fallen over before, but all of the repairs are solid.  Nothing bad just a few minor scratches on the side cover, mirror.  The fairings are really nice.  Small imperfection in the left side lower of the headlight.  

It has a very clean Graves Titanium Exhaust and a Stage I (Street/Strip) Jet Kit and upgraded filters.

Otherwise it’s stock.  Starts easily and runs well.  Does not overheat. EXCELLENT condition chain, sprockets and tires.  Current retail price is $4450.  We have it priced to move at $3500.  Move fast on this one, it won’t sit long.



Outstanding condition.  Unbelievable performance specs.  Gives all of the other 600cc class bikes a massive inferiority complex.

With only 11,000 miles on it and fresh tune up this one is ready to hit the open road.

Check out the pictures, and if you have any questions give me a call.  You won’t find a cleaner one!


Here is a close up of the paint- if you look closely you can see a scratch in the clear coat.  Hard to see unless you know what you’re looking for.


amazing how clean this bike is.  Take a look under the shock- no dirt or debris. Just super nice.  


All the lights work perfectly.  No issues with the electronics at all. ImageImageImageImage

Brake pads just changed.  All tires, brakes, clutch, seals, oil etc are all in perfect order.  Needs not a penny to be spent on it.  Just get on and ride it!ImageImage


Take a look at the sprocket!  Most of the time this is a dirty oil mess.  Very high attention to detail has been paid on this bike.  ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Not for the weak in spirit or those with a heart condition.

Email for bid information or for more info on the bike. 



This is the one you’ve been waiting for!

  • 20K miles
  • No accident history!
  • Perfect OEM bodywork
  • Brand new front and rear tires and 520 Conversion
  • Yoshimura Exhaust System
  • HID lighting system
  • Brand new Clutch (plates and springs only)
  • Runs perfect
  • Clean and Clear title is in hand.  
  • Price is FIRM at $3500.  

I know what kind of junk you can buy out there for $3500 and this is the best deal on a 600cc sportbike out there. Period.  Best.  Deal.  Needs no maintenance at all.  Just ready to get on the road and ride.  


Brand new Vortex 520 Conversion kit on it.  ImageImageTank is in perfect condition.  No dents or scratches.  ImageImageImageImageImage

READY TO RIDE.  No excuses on this one, just a clean bike and I don’t know how you’ll find a better deal for the money.  If you’ve been watching the market you know that you can hardly find a 2000-2002 R6 for this kind of cash.  So move quick, it won’t be here long.



Absolutely beautiful condition on this 2006 Lexus RX400 Hybrid. No accident history.  

All maintenance is up to date.  Runs, drives and looks like a new car.

All options, everything works on it as it should.  26-27MPG is not uncommon for this car.  Though the rolling average is somewhere around 25MPG.

Extremely clean paint.  The interior is nice, it’s all gray leather.  No cracks in the leather. ONE owner since new. 79K miles.  No dried up upholstery.  Just a super nice car.

Full DVD Changer, AM/FM of course.  iPod adapter.  


Here is a picture of the interior.  




I honestly can’t figure out what this bike does correctly.  It must be something, because everybody seems to want one.  

It’s uncomfortable on the highway.  Way too buzzy.  Your arms are asleep in about 5 minutes.

It weighs a million pounds, so you can’t take it offroad.

It’s got too much power for such a small chassis.

You can’t take it cross country, because the tank is too small.

It’s awkward around town.  

It’s too tall.  

It’s ugly as hell.

Honestly, I don’t know any reason you would want to buy this bike? 

But anyway, if you still want it I’m asking $2000 less than current retail price on it.  

Runs great, everything is up to date.  

Good luck.  


2004 Yamaha R6.  Was involved in an accident.  Clean and Clear title is in hand. Never reported to insurance.

I will part the bike out for the following:

Clear title frame : $1500

Engine (verified that it runs) $1000

Wheels: $200/piece

Gauges: $150 (works great)

Lock Set: $150

Fuel Pump: $150

Everything else: make me an offer.  

Or you can buy the whole bike for $2000 and part it out yourself and make aImagenother $ImageImageImageImage

The forks are bent, so is the subframe.  Frame is straight and very nice.  

Needs front brake lever and clutch lever.  All new bodywork.  

2007 Honda CBR 600RR. 

Custom 6″ stretch kit

Yoshimura Exhaust

Fender Eliminator

Brand new tires

Lowered 2.5″ professionally

Looks amazing, great bike.  Never wrecked. Clean and clear title is in hand. 



2000 Nissan Pathfinder SE SPECIAL EDITION 
210K miles
Runs perfect. Leather, sunroof, nice ride. 

-Air conditioner low pressure line is leaking. It blows, but a full can will only last about 2 weeks. You can keep refilling it with freon for the time being, it will blow cold but does need repair ASAP.
– Left lower tie rod needs to be replaced. $50 for a new lower tie rod
– Tires are shot
-Interior is rough. 

All of the interior stuff works, really drives nice down the road. 

I am going to leave the car at

5306 Beacon Drive
Austin, TX 78734

It is parked in the driveway and it’s unlocked. Please steal it so that I can get insurance money. 🙂 Kidding. 

I am not negotiable on price, as I already have another offer of the same amount from a local business who salvages car parts. 

Drive it home today, I would trust this car to go anywhere in the country. 

Call 512-560-0015  



Here is your next bike.  SEE BOTTOM for a link to the video.

Every now and then I get a special bike, and I keep it close.  This is a very unique and highly custom Goldwing.  It’s a 1992 Goldwing 1500 Interstate.  This bike was purchased new in 1991 and has had a single family owner since it was new.  It is an incredible bike, absolutely smooth as silk going down the highway and a stunning looker to boot.

 Unlike most of the other Goldwings out there, everything works perfectly.  There are no excuses.  No missing buttons.  Nothing broken.  Garage kept and properly maintained, you will be very hard pressed to find another one like this bike.

 Here are the specifics:

 1992 GL1500 Interstate Goldwing

77,500 miles

Clean and clear Texas title

Never wrecked

All original equipment that came with the bike

Factory Service Manuals and Illustrated maintenance manual

All original tools

All original intercom equipment



TONS AND TONS of chrome bits

Side Deflectors

Upgraded seat

Upgraded adjustable back rest (perfect for those long trips)

Heated Grips (not yet installed)

Upgraded Stereo

Chrome luggage trims

Factory hitch and lighting connector

Upgraded automatic height adjuster and compressor (not installed)

Chrome Engine Guards

Chrome rear crash bars

Chrome rear luggage rack

Upgraded speakers (not yet installed, see below)

Headlight modulator

Cruise Control

Lower Crash bars, OEM

Chrome lower insert

I can’t even list everything, it has been very well upgraded


There are three flaws with the bike.  There is a lower scuff on the front right fairing, down where you can’t see it.  There is a 2” hole in the front seat.  Easy to fix, if you’d like.  And it has a very small electrical vampire that I have more or less isolated to the stereo amplifier.  I can’t find it with a voltage tester, but I know if I take the stereo fuse out the problem goes away.  It could be a shorted speaker wire or the amplifier itself, I’m not sure.  So I just keep it on trickle charger and it never gives me any problems at all.  The speakers are getting long in the tooth, but again that takes just a few minutes to fix and I’ll be happy to swap them out for you.  

 Also, I purchased some heated grips that go with the bike.  The foam grips have seen better days, so I figured easy upgrade for those cold Texas summers.  Kidding.  


All of the maintenance is taken care of.  I went ahead and did the 80K service just a little early.  It is not due for another big service for 30K miles.  Excellent condition tires, and a brand new battery.  


You cannot go wrong with this bike.  It is a beautiful 1-owner machine that just pulls all day long.  Just throw your little lady (or man) on the back and head to Colorado.  


Turn up the stereo and get on the highway!

Price is negotiable, but I know how much garbage is out there for $5000 so don’t expect to steal this one. I’m in absolutely no hurry, as the bike works perfectly. I’ll work with the right buyer, of course.


Thank you.  



 See below for a link to the video.  


2007 Ford F150 Work Truck. Basic truck here that runs, looks and performs great.

107K miles

Runs perfect.  Super efficient motor.  V6 with new plugs and wires. 



GREAT tires

Always serviced as part of the fleet, so no expense was spared.  

Some small dents here and there, and that’s why it’s priced out where it is.  Similar trucks are going for $8000-9K.  This one I have priced at $5500 just to move it.  Just the wheels and tires were $2000 6 months ago, so this is a helluva deal.  Great looking, clean truck.  

Upgrading to a 4-door, so I may consider an older 4-door SUV or 4-door truck as trade.  

Also have a set of wheels that goes with it, they are just the stock steel wheels with nice beefy tires on them.   I know what the truck is worth and it’s way more than what I’m asking.  If you have interesting trades let me know we can work something out.  See pictures below.



Incredible deal on this 2005 Yamaha R1.  Clean upgrades as well
Graves Titanium Exhaust.  $950  ABSOLUTELY SCREAMS!!

Runs PERFECT with zero problems whatosever.
Pazzo Adjustable Levers $200
Adjustable footpegs $100
Flushmount Turns Signals
Fender Eliminator
Brand new RK 520GXW Chain and Vortex Sprockets with 520 Conversion  $279
Front and Rear Service Stands are included in the price  $300
Sealed Gel Cell battery new today (May 31)
Up to date on all factory required maintenance.  Needs nothing except a new rider
Take a look at the pictures, you will not be disappointed in this bike.
Here is a link to the Youtube video of the bike running.  It sounds INCREDIBLY with this Graves Exhaust on it.

You can’t even buy a decent 600 Sportbike for what this one is going for.  All factory fairings.  Just a nice, clean bike at a helluva deal.
Literally brand new chain and sprockets.
I am pricing it to sell fast.  Give me a ring at 512-560-0015.  Clean and Clear Texas title is in hand, ready to go today.

1996 Seadoo Challenger Single Engine Boat.

Runs perfectly, starts right away.  All new fuel lines, spark plugs, battery etc. Brand new tires on the trailer. Serviced and ready for the road. I will have the new tags and plates done on it tomorrow afternoon.

My number is 512-560-0015 I can meet you at Lake Austin or Lake Travis for a test ride.

Title is clear.  The seats are dry rotted in the vinyl, and need to be replaced.  Other than that, the boat is in wonderful condition.  New Vinyl, if you’re replacing everything is around $400.  That is the factory color-matched vinyl.

Starts up perfectly, runs like a champ.  These are one of the best engines SeaDoo made, it’s got plenty of torque to move this boat around.

If you’ve been going back and forth on getting a boat for the summer, this one is a true no-brainer. Bang for the buck just about as much fun as you can possibly have!


The bimini top is excellent, no rips or tears.  Brand new condition.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage


This is one of the best SUV’s out there.  Bang for the buck you’re going to have a very hard time finding a better SUV.

This is a 2000 model Toyota 4Runner.  It has one of the most reliable motors ever built: the 2.7L 4 Cylinder motor.  This is the timing chain model, and there are many of these in the Tacoma and 4runner models that have over a million miles on the original motor.  

It gets around 25MPG.  266K miles right now, barely broken in.  

NO accident history.  No check engine lights.  Everything works.  Clean Carfax.  Title is in hand and ready to transfer.  


Image\\Great looking SUV//ImageImageImageImage


Original Paint in very good condition.  No repainting.  The wheels are in great shape.  No dents, or dings.  The only thing wrong with it is a dented rear bumper.  ImageImage

No body damage.


Current tags all the way around.  


Needs nothing!  Just a new owner.  

If you’re looking for a fuel efficient, reliable SUV for under $4000 you’ve found it.  

This thing will pass muster with any mechanic, and I’ll be happy to deliver it anywhere you’d like for inspection.  Most places charge around $50 for a good comb-through on the car.  When you drive it, it feels like a 40,000 mile car.  Really is exceptional.  


This is a VERY low mileage 1998 Honda Accord LX.

Runs great.  Has some minor cosmetic issues, which we show in detail below.  It’s a great first car or a runaround if you’re looking for something that gets 30MPG.

Take a Look at the pictures, you won’t be disappointed.  For 3 grand you’re going to have a very hard time finding a nicer car.  It’s mechanically very good. Everything interior works.

A few of the quirks:

The stereo works intermittently.  It probably needs a new radio ($50)

There’s a loose guard on the exhaust manifold, so at low speeds it will make a rattling noise.  Only time you hear it is when you’re stopped and the engine is cold.  When you’re driving it’s quiet and smooth.

Cruise Control does NOT work.

Almost new tires

Brand new battery

Brand new CV joints.  100K mile service was completed on time.

Really needs nothing except a new home.


512-560-0015 give me a ring

2000 Yamaha YZF600.  VERY NICE bike!  We have looked across the market for a nice bike for the money and haven’t been able to find one.  Just a great machine.

Low miles, only 19K.  Never wrecked.  Clean and clear title is in hand, ready to transfer.

Aftermarket LOUD exhaust.  We can put the stock can back on, if you’d like.  Starts and rides- no excuses.  No issues to speak of.  Take a look at the pictures below.

Bikes this nice routinely sell for $3000-4000.  This one is priced right and it’s ready to sell!


Here is a video of the bike in action.  It runs perfectly, has a fresh battery and brand new chain.

See the video here.

What a wonderful starter Car!

This is a 4WD 2002 Nissan Xterra.  VERY rare to find in this drivetrain configuration.  4WD Xterras don’t come around very often.  Everything works perfectly.

It’s a very nice, safe and clean car.

2002 Nissan Xterra SUV.  Only 150K miles, and all maintenance is up to date.  It’s ready to DRIVE. Take a look at the pictures.  It’s a beauty!




150K mile service was $994 and was just completed May 1, 2013.

It needs nothing whatsoever.  Very, very nice car for the money.Image




No accidents, clean title history.  Clean title is in hand, ready to transfer.












No dents or dings.  No accidental smashing into things.  Less than 1000 miles on Goodyear tires!  Over $2000 spent in maintenance in the last 2 months.








There is some very slight wear on the steering column.











2006 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit.  Absolutely a great running bike, you will not find a better deal on a Shadow 750 out there that’s for sure.

  • only 14,000 miles
  • Never wrecked
  • Excellent Condition
  • Only flaw: paint is a little faded and I would put new tires on it soon.
  • Runs perfect, brand new battery.  Ready for the open road.
  • Clean and Clear title is in hand.

Current pricing is around $3950 we have it on sale for $2750 for a very short period of time.

Please don’t ask “why is it so cheap?”  Every time we sell a bike for much less than KBB we get the same question.  This is the market price on the bike, all of the other bikes out there are overpriced.

If you want to pay more, feel free!  But there is nothing wrong with this bike whatsoever, but move fast because it won’t be here very long.

Call or stop by today.  512-590-2675






If you’re looking for a great first time bike that sips gas and runs like a top, look no further.



























14330 miles total.

The only thing wrong with the bike is just that the paint is faded.  Nothing else wrong with this runner!

Essentially brand new.  1200 miles on it, flawless condition.  Showroom clean. Bone stock, except the nice billet aluminum mirrors.  Other than that, she’s unmolested.

Current dealer price for a new Ruckus is $3335 out the door.  That includes all the nonsense prep and freight fees etc etc etc..  I have this one priced at $2100 which is what I gave for it on trade.  Search is over, come pick it up!


Will deliver for free.   Cash price, no financing.



2001 Honda RC51 for sale.  This bike is in excellent mechanical condition.  It’s rough cosmetically needs some work.  The tank is in perfect condition, but the vehicle has some fairing scratches.

It’s $2000 less than the other RC51s for this reason.  If you’re looking for a mechanical BEAST and you don’t care about some scratches here and there this bike is for you.

New tires.  New battery.  38 point inspection.

The reason for the price is the cosmetics, plain and simple.  Title is clear, Clean and in hand.  Texas title.

512-590-2675 price is firm, and extremely fair.

For a video of the bike check here:


Excellent working condition.  We simply have no need for a 10HP compressor any longer.  

This is the deal of the century on a Compressor.  If you are running a body shop or a high-volume mechanic shop, you already know you’re spending a fortune for compressed air.  

This is a great primary or backup unit.  

It’s an Ingersoll-Rand T30 80 Gallon compressor.  It is also equipped with an aftercooler, as well.  It’s a 3 phase system!!  It is also a 10 HP motor, so pressure builds up fast and maintains all day long.  

I am including a professional grade 2 phase to 3 phase converter.  This will allow you to install this professional compressor in pretty much any industrial location.  

It was serviced back in 2010 and has a recent oil change.  You will not need to service it right away.  

I am also including the H-A-S phase conversion system.  This is a “kickstarter” unit for the compressor that really smooths out the initial power draw on your grid.  It’s great to have in high volume environments, but critical if you’re converting from 2 to three phase.  

Very professional, high grade system for sale.  All considered, if you were to buy this unit and all of the accessories new you’d be looking at $10K or more.  Just the Rotary Conversion system is $4500.  

Of course, it isn’t new but it’s all in working order.  

Take a look at the pictures.  Email with any questions.



The motor was run without oil in it.  I’ve sourced a replacement motor for $250 and we can install it for $100.  If you want the bike repaired and running the price is $2950 or you can buy it as-is for $2000. Alternatively you can buy it for $2000 and pay us in advance for the motor.  Shipping + Installation time is around 7 days, so you can save a ton of money if you’re the patient type.


This is a 2009 model Ninja EX500R

Clear Texas title.

Call with any questions.






2002 Infiniti Qx4.  136K miles.  Absolutely incredible condition.  No wrecks.  Lots of recent service completed recently.  Brand new battery today.
The transmission was just replaced.  It was slipping, so rather than rebuilding it we put a new transmission in, and it has a 6 month warranty on it.  
It runs perfectly.  Cold Air.  Nice leather interior.  

For the money, you’re going to have a very hard time finding a nicer car.  
See the pictures below.  
EVERYTHING works. The driver side seat has a bad motor, and it is in the process of being replaced right now.  The radio antenna is slow to retract.  It’s a 14 year old car, so no it won’t be perfect but when you’re looking at a Pathfinder or a QX4?  No question, whatsoever! 
Beautiful looking SUV, really stands out.  Black exterior and black interior.  Wheels are not scuffed up.  C-L-E-A-N.



Paint is smooth and clean all the way around.  No peeling clear coat.  No rough paint.  Just a nice looking, very low mileage QX4.  Clear title is in hand.




In the picture above you can see a close-up of the small dents I referenced earlier. 




There are some minor dents in the rear passenger door.  PDR for $150 to repair it






lenses are clear- no foggy or broken glass.  HID bulbs were just replaced ($100 a piece!—OUCH!)




No rock chips on the bumper.  No dents in the metal.  TAKE a look at the interior!

Interior is VERY NICE.  When you get in the car, it really feels luxurious.  Not like an inexpensive car at all.  Very nice, very well kept.





4WD system/ AWD system works exactly as it should.  Very smooth shifting into the full time AWD.  

Low Range has never been used on the car.  It’s a 2-owner car and I seriously doubt that the lady ever used the 4WD living in southern California.

It’s been a California car or a Texas car since new.  The car was sold new in 2001, first owner had it to 40,500 miles.  Second owner has had the car in Texas since then.  No stories.








In the photo above, you will see a very slight scratch in the wood.  I intentionally took a very tight close-up in the correct light to capture the scratch.  IT’s just cosmetic, no cracks or anything.






In the picture above you can see the small dents.  I believe that honesty is the best policy, so there is no photoshopping or anything going on here.  What you see is exactly what you get.  

tires have about 90% life left on them.  They are very beefy.  Brakes are smooth and not vibration at all.  


When people get in the car, they ask if I just got it!  I laugh and tell them it’s a 2002!  




brand new battery was just replaced today.  100 month pro-rated warranty on the battery from Costco.


No leaks whatsoever.  Runs 
Here is a link to see the video of the car, in action.
Call if you have any questions.  Price is fairly firm, but if you’ve got a reasonable offer and you want to chat give me a ring. 
This is a VERY VERY nice car for the money.  

2007 Suzuki GSXR600.  Needs nothing.  Clear title.  No wrecks.  No stories, just a clean and cheap bike.  All of the graphics have been removed, if you want the vinyl decals back on I can get them for around $150 or so.  Turn-key ready for the open road. Everything works great.  Doesn’t need any maintenance, it’s all done and ready.  Needs a bar end on the left side clipon.



$4500 is way below market value.  Move quick, it will not sit around.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Very nice race trailer/Car Hauler.  We purchased this for a move and have spent a lot of money on upgrades.  It’s an excellent trailer.  We covered the entire rear car platform with thick diamondplate, so you can use it as a normal trailer as well.


3-axles all with electronic brakes.LONG loading ramps are built in.  Easily tows a very low car, no problem.  It was previously used to haul an Open Mod class car, so it’s very wide and low and the fenders are easy to clear with your door.


It has a front area enclosed box which is as wide as the trailer, about 6 feet tall and 4 feet long. Great for storing and locking stuff up at night. Image

D-rings are mounted every 24 inches all the way up and down the trailer.


Includes a small, permanently mounted toolbox.  Also has a winch pulley, but there is no winch included.  Image

Tire storage with lockable box.  TIRES ARE LOCKABLE too- this is a very secure trailer.


Front wheel chocks and complete diamondplate.  TIRES are in EXCELLENT condition.

No accidents, no damage.  Could use a nice coat of paint, other than that it’s in excellent condition.



512-590-2675.  512-560-0015

We are open to offers, but these trailers generally sell for between $8000 to $10,000.  Please do an adequate level of research prior to making offers.

Be reasonable and we’ll take the offer.  Trailer is currently registered in Texas.  Trailer registrations vary from state to state.  You will receive a temporary registration (at our expense) when you take delivery.

We will provide all necessary transfer documentation as well.

Very cool scoot!  In excellent condition, there are some minor scratches which we’ve taken close-ups of below.  Check it out.

NEEDS NOTHING, just a new rider and a home.  Clear title, registration is current.

KBB: $2250

Average Retail: $2450

Our price $1450.  Save $1,000 off retail price.  Move quick, it won’t sit long!



You’ve been looking for that “right” starter bike for months, right?  HERE IT IS!
Call today, bikes this clean just don’t sit around very long.  Not at this price, not this time of year.
 VERY clean bike with all of the right equipment.  Absolutely ready for the spring!
We’ve given it our full 38 point inspection, see below for the results.
Average Retail price: $3400
Saddlebags: $225
Windscreen $150
Upgraded Saddleman Seat: $350 (perfect for long distance rides)
At your local dealership you would expect to pay somewhere around $3000-3500 for this bike.
Our price is a very low $2200!  And that includes
a FREE 12 month warranty, valid at any Suzuki Dealership.  Just pay a $50 deductible and ALL REPAIRS are covered for the term of a year.  You cannot beat this deal guys!
In the picture above, you will find the only flaw on the bike.  There is a 3″ dent in the tank.
If that really bothers you, we can order you a new tank for $250 and replace it free of charge. Most new riders won’t want a perfect tank anyway, since the likelihood of a spillover is pretty high.  Just ride it like it is!
ImageDon’t miss out, you just won’t find them this nice very often at this price.  Title is in hand.  NO GAMES, no pricing foolery.
FREE delivery in Travis or surrounding counties!  (must schedule delivery 24 hours in advance)

512-560-0015 Absolutely Incredible Deal.  This is a MONSTER Highway machine.  More like a Goldwing than a scooter.  But, still very light and manageable.

All maintenance is up to date.  See pictures below!

****NOTE*** The windscreen is off of the bike at this point.  We had taken it off to transport the bike and it flew out of the trailer.  Oops.  I have ordered a brand new windscreen and it IS included in the price of the bike, but it will have to be installed when the new one arrives.

Are you ready for all the options?

  • Givi Monokey Rear Luggage (uses the factory keys)  $500 option.
  • Burgman 650 Dual-Saddle Tan REAL leather seats with backrests.  Designed for long distance trips.  I’ll tell you this much- this is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever ridden, bar none!  $600 option
  • Sirius Satellite with radio/CD changer in the trunk. $200 option
  • Kuryakn Grips $100
  • Fog Lights (for better visibility, modulated)  $50
  • Upgraded Wood Trim.


No accident history.

Before making an offer, please look around to see what the market is like on these Scooters.

They are selling anywhere from $4500 to $6000 or more, and with nowhere near the equipment that this one has.  The bike is in nearly flawless condition.  NEVER dropped or fallen over.  Always garage kept.

This bike is PRICED TO SELL VERY FAST at only $3500 and that is the “on the road” price, there are no hidden fees.

Credit card is acceptable form of payment.  Cash, cashiers check are fine too.  Clear title is in hand.

Please do not email to ask if it’s still available.  When it’s sold, we will remove the posting.  MOVE FAST they will not sit long!

For the money, you cannot find a better deal.

This is a very nice Tahoe SLT.
Here are the specs
1999 GMC Tahoe 
SLT Trim (Leather, nicer interior)
237,000 well maintained miles
Upgraded chrome wheels w/ offroad tires
Two-tone paint.
Rear Air/Heat
The truck is in overall good condition.  There are some places where the clear coat has peeled a little bit.  The tires are worn pretty well, but they aren’t dangerous.  Replacement should be soon.  There is a lot of recent work
Transmission replaced at 225,000 miles
Alternator, battery and belts replaced in January
Front brakes were done in December 2012
Many other small items.
This is a “get in and go” Tahoe, and starts perfectly.  It doesn’t need anything except a new owner!  I have already ordered a new handle for the driver side door.  It needs to be replaced and takes about 30 minutes.  That’s the only thing it really needs.  AC blows cold, heater works.  Very good on gas on the highway, too.
See pictures, this is a LOT of truck for the money.
Clear title is in hand, ready to go.  Don’t sit around, at this price the truck will sell fast!
Has aftermarket nice chrome wheels
All of the gadgets and features work great.
4X4 works great.  Easy transfer to 4WD.
Small tear in the driver side leather.  Nothing too bad, just needs some attention.
It runs great.

Here is a 2008 Evil Knievel Rigid.

For the most exclusive collector, we have here a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

AMAZING deal for the money, you can look forever for one of these.  And no expense spared, either.  Full Chrome.  Tons of billet aluminum.  LED lighting.

Nothing but the very best.

This is not only an Evel Knievel Signature Series, this bike was finished and titled in November, 2007. Fans understand the significance of this date.

Furthermore, given the serial number (010)  on the bike there is a very good chance that this was the last bike Evel ever signed.

I have tried to reach out to Robbie Knievel to get verification, but have been unable to get a definitive answer.  No matter what, this is a very rare and unique opportunity.


Absolutely stunning motorcycle here folks.  The technical specs on the bike are well known.  S&S 124cu motor. The bag on the front forks is for storage (sunglasses, wallet etc)

This is  it!  Wait is over, if you’re a EK fan, this is as good as it gets folks.

You won’t find these laying around at your local dealership.  Belt drive.

S&S Motor.  Absolutely best of everything.  80 spoke wheels

Bike starts, runs and rides amazing, just like new.  There are no cosmetic flaws.  The bike is appraised at $32,000.  Buy it today, you will have zero regrets.  One of the few bikes that will appreciate over time.


Clear Texas title is in hand.  8076 miles on this beauty.  I’ll take interesting trades.


Signed by Robbie and Evil Knievel.


TERMS:   CASH ONLY.  If you have to pay with a credit card, that’s fine but you need to CALL FIRST.  Do not assume we will accept a Credit Card.


We can arrange delivery anywhere in the Continental US for around $500 and anywhere in the world for around $1300-1500.

Step right up to the plate.  Take a swing.  INTERESTING trades considered. Thank you so much, we appreciate your business!